badass animated ladies [6/?]: master jinora.

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Cutscenes from the new Legend of Korra video game, to be released on various platforms (including the PS4 and the PC) on October 21st/22nd. (x)

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Your muse walks back into the room, only to find my muse curled up into a ball, sound asleep. Upon further inspection, they find that my muse is hugging one of your character’s belongings to their chest. What do they do?

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Nonsexual acts of Intimacy - Select from the following for my muse to respond to...

♔ : Finding your muse wearing their clothes
♕: Holding hands
♖: Having their hair washed by your muse
♗: Your muse falling asleep with their head in my muse's lap.
♘: Cuddling in a blanket fort
♙: Sharing a bed
♚: Head scratches
♛: Sharing a dessert
♜: Shoulder rubs
♝: Reading a book together
♞: Caring for each other while ill (specify which party is which)
♟: Patching up a wound
♤: Taking a bath together
♧: Your muse playing with their hair
♡: Accidentally falling asleep together
♢: Forehead or cheek kisses
♠: Your muse adjusting their jewelry/neck tie/ etc.
♣: Back scratches
♥: Your muse crying about something
♦: Slow dancing
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quick sketches

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she sheds not tears but light

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Sarcastic Korra ft. Unamused Mako

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book one - leaving home | book three - facing zaheer

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"Well, aren’t you insightful.


"I could certainly teach you a few things, honey.”

"No offense but—"

"I think I’ll pass."

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Endgame vs. The Terror Within

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